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About Puppy Mills and Dog Rings

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1 About Puppy Mills and Dog Rings on Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:27 pm

This may sound weird, but I am okay with them. I know most sites don't let you do them, but I have role played in one before, and they are okay. There are a few rules that go with them and not others though. 

1. All Other Rules Apply. All of the rules I put down before this applies.
2. Force Breeding is Alright. You may force breed but YOU MUST ASK THE DOG ROLE PLAYERS FIRST.
3. Nothing Too Bloody. This site is kid friendly, and though you can fight, I don't want stuff like: "The blood splatters all over the floor and my face, and I taste it" It is kinda nasty, and not kid friendly...

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